Wednesday, August 31, 2005

San Francisco Recommendations

Hello from Sunny Edmonton!
When Sara and I were in San Francisco last month we took a test run of the events for the "Canada day" at IBC. Busy Bev McMillan has been working tirelessly at ironing out the details for the 200++ Canadians that will be attending. Here are some firsthand suggestions for those of you who will be attending.

While this will not be a Caribbean cruise, the scenery, restaurant and atmosphere are going to be unforgettable so bring your camera. I'd be surprised if this is not one of the most memorable if not romantic evenings you’ll ever experience at a conference. A cruise around the bay, featuring Alcatraz, the golden gate bridge and the San Fran skyline is a perfect way to kick off the 100th birthday celebration of Coldwell Banker.

A little restaurant in Sausalito which has great views of the bay and skyline (assuming weather cooperates) is booked entirely for us. Seating will most likely be in groups of 8 on a first come first serve basis.

Anyway enough rambling...Our recommendations are quite simple
  • If you don't register for IBC at least come to San Francisco for "Canada Day" on Feb. 15, 2006 and make a holiday of it by visiting Napa Valley or the hidden treasure of Los Gatos (you'll have to ask me about this to know what I'm talking about).
  • Book a limo with some buds for transport to and from the will be cheaper than cabbing availability may be great or non existent.
  • Bring cash - if you join us after the event at a local bar most don't take credit cards (most cabs don't take credit cards either). We will most likely end up at the Hard Rock Café at the pier.
  • Dress appropriately...might not be a bad idea to have a jacket and umbrella in case weather does not cooperate as we will be outside part of the time...(Its about a 5min walk outside from the boat to the restaurant).
  • The Westin is within walking distance of the conference so bring some walking shoes for the conference.
  • If you are going to visit Alcatraz you will have to book ahead with Blue and Gold fleet or you will be disappointed
  • Recommended close dinner spots.
    R & G lounge – Easy on the budget, Chinese food in China Town…great food but they pack you in and get you out quick. Reservation recommended.
    First Crush - A little expensive but definitely worth it…Fantastic food, amazing wine menu, take your time and dine. Reservation recommended.
    Book dining reservations online at