Friday, September 23, 2005

Save the commission?

From the Inman news service Sept. 23/2005:

Some folks are promoting the idea of dumping the real estate agent to make more money by selling their homes themselves. You can do that, but I didn't and wouldn't. Last winter, I sold my home with the help of a Realtor. She helped me find people to sort through 15 years of accumulated stuff, put the distracting stuff in storage, stage the house, and landscape for that all-important first impression and curb appeal. At the time, the average Tucson, Ariz., home was on the market 55 days before it sold. Caroline enlisted the father of one of her teacher husband's students, her husband, her brother and his wife -- even her mother offered to help. She had helped her own mother downsize from a long-owned residence the year before. Personally, I think Caroline has a potential career specialty in sensitively helping folks like me downsize. As we neared sale, Caroline staged sneak previews. The second person to view my home bought it. My Realtor earned every penny of her commission and definitely helped my house sell for more than it would have without her help. So, dump the agent? -- never.
--Christina B. Farnsworth
Not the greatest reason out there, but a reason none the less. At a recent training session Sara and I showed several agents a fairly simple formula that deflates the myth that sellers get more by going FSBO. This formula is just a part of a highly skill based course we have constructed. If you'd like more information about the course a drop us a line.


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