Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween News Flash

Due to the psycho kinetic activity associated with All Hallows eve we have been able to arrange an exclusive interview with Colbert Coldwell and Benjiman Banker, through our medium Madame Bal Shat.

We are at Madame B.S.’s tent parlor surrounding the crystal ball, as she gazes intensely into what she describes as swirling mist, or the past friends and relatives network. Madame B.S. begins to murmur a chant and then tells us we can begin the interview. I must tell you we were certainly skeptical but when we saw the images of Mr. Coldwell and Mr. Banker we thought we might as well give it a try.

Well I may have been skeptical, but I am now a confirmed believer in B.S., er I mean Madame Bal Shat. The following is the resulting interview with the founders of Coldwell Banker.

Network News (NN): Good evening, we’d just like to thank you guys for taking the time to talk to us. Do you guys get Network News and what do you think of it?
CC: Very cool. Never miss it. Really hip. Totally cool.
BB: Got my first issue last week, had to go back and read all the previous issues.

NN: Thank you. So the company you founded is almost 100 years old, and is one of the largest real estate companies in the world. Any thoughts on that?
BB: I told Colby that the automobile would revolutionize the business. Gotta say I’m proud of what our little company has accomplished.
CC: I’m pumped about the party in San Francisco. I loved the Network News recommendations. We’ve even talked about Haunting the event but there’s a lot of regulatory hurdles to overcome.
NN: What do you guys see as pivotal in the future?
CC: Gotta put my money on traveling real estate companies that move from disaster to disaster.
BB: You’re nuts! Everybody knows that instant housing is going to be the thing. Everybody is going to live in these little boxes but when you get in you’ll think its another world. Really cool stuff.

NN: Whats been happening latetly with you guys?
BB: I’m managing Elvis on the road. I thought he was a bit extravagant in his day but he’s a really cool kid.
CC: I like recruiting the newcomers. We do all kinds of stuff, leisure activities, watch Survivor - my favorite was the Colbster, and stuff like that.

NN: Before I let you guys go, some people still think they can make bank deposits at Coldwell Banker...
CC: (laughing) Well it worked pretty good in the day to have people think that. My other choice for partner was Hershey Hearst. I thought CB worked better than CH, I also thought it was better to have people looking to make deposits than coming to us for their funeral arrangements.
BB: You were thinking of Hershel…You never told me that.

NN: Thanks guys and hopefully see you in San Francisco!


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