Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Are you ready?

I love listening to people tell me “Real Estate is doing great, you must be making a killing” and on the other hand, I love hearing from people who don’t sell real estate say “if you do this and that and this, and use this, you’ll increase your profits.” Not that I’m skeptical or anything, but…come on. In today’s market where everything is moving at mach 3, how many of us have the ability to make substantial changes to our business model? The truth of it is though, we all must evolve.

We must evolve our way of business, our way of thinking, our way of looking at things. Some of you can make those substantial shifts quickly, some of us move like Boeing 747’s making long loop turns to more our business to a different paradigm.

All of us however can recognize the basic fundamentals. The basic building blocks required to succeed and survive in an extremely competitive environment. In most cases I would suspect that if you hone your fundamentals, you’ll make faster gains than if you go outside your abilities and expertise.

Take for instance a child learning to swim. She’s there for her first lesson and she listens to the instructor talk about the proper stroke, breathing and kick rate. This all sounds good to the little girl. The instructor gives the necessary rah rah you can do it and cheers her onto the edge of the pool, where the student smiles with eager trepidation at getting going. The instructor blows the whistle and then she’s off into the deep end.

Now picture this. Survival kicks in and the panic buttons are flying, the girl is flailing like mad, and the instructor is still shouting encouragement. Meanwhile the little swimmer is not thinking about stroke, breathing or kicking. She’d like to breath without drinking a mouth full of water, and kick the instructors ass for making her get in the deep end.

Instead of learning to swim by building her confidence she was immersed in the deep end. Now that’s the real estate business. How many great ideas have I seen over the almost two decades I’ve been in the business? Watching agents jump right in only to thrash and flail to get back to the side, only to curse at the mere idea, saying “It doesn’t work, I’ve tried it.”

Search engine marketing is just such a thing. Dip your toe in, then pull back and re-evaluate. Discuss the results with others and what they did and didn’t do. The child who learns properly goes on to be a competitive, confident swimmer, whereas the other child will fear the water. Don’t fear the future, embrace it. Say it with me, “Search Engine Marketing.” See it wasn’t that bad. Go a step further and investigate it, and eventually, just maybe, you will swim the English Channel, or you’ll reach a new client there.


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