Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Inspection Question

Just a quick question...on a few recent inspections, some of our vendors have remarked that they feel it is not common practice to have the purchasers present at the inspection. Is common? Do the purchasers normally attend the inspections? Can the vendors prohibit them from doing so? Later dude

Dear later dude

Buyers are, and in my opinion should be, encouraged to attend. If the seller does not want the buyer to be present, thereby potentially preventing the buyer from discovering something vital about the property, this could come back to haunt the sellers and you. Would the sellers feel comfortable proceeding on a property if they were barred from it? What is the purpose of denying the buyers access? Why would a buyer proceed if they are denied the the opportunity to discover the property in a reasonable fashion? It also places you in a bad predicament if the buyer has a problem with the property later and comes after you and the seller for denying them access. If your seller is adamant you should get this instruction in writing and place it in the file. My last thought on this is simply, what is the seller trying to hide?

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