Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The truth about market share

Year after year agents with nothing to say about themselves boast about their companies market share. Not to pick on a certain company full of hot air, but they lead the way in advertising this form of bluff.

The truth is that there are agents with all kinds of companies that are competent, professional and worthy of your business. The people not worthy of your business are the people who feel that somehow the achievements of others directly affect their competency. This is not the case. I’m not going to say this attracts a certain ego manical element, I’ll let you judge that for yourself.

The reality is the there are some benefits from my perspective to being associated with a strong brand. At least that’s why I took our successfully independent company and joined Coldwell Banker in March of 1993.

After spending 18 winters in Hawaii and seeing the strength of this company I started to investigate them and immediately liked what I was seeing.

Founded on the principle of exceptional customer service 100 years ago. It is the oldest of the international real estate brands. The best way to describe the company is to let a third party describe it in it’s annual ranking of the worlds top franchises.

This too means nothing to you if you aren’t satisfied. That’s where the ego meets the road. No other real estate company in Canada that I’m aware of does an independently monitored customer service survey for completed transactions. Now that’s worth keeping track of. That’s worth your business. I’m not saying we are the only option out there. We are definitely one of the few that focus on your satisfaction as our measurement. The meat of the matter is that market share means nothing in selling your home if your agent is only driven on serving themselves, their ego, and making sure you help pay for their advertising budget. A professional negotiator, marketer, and someone with the ability to service the sale or purchase of your home is what you really need. The brand can offer that agent tools and technology to do this in the most professional manner possible. Tools that smaller independant companies can't develop on their own.

If you’re not sure if I'm right, just have us in and compare us to the competition. Its your money so you be the judge. What have you got to lose. I believe you will be impressed with the differences that we offer and the results you'll get.


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