Sunday, December 18, 2005

Is real estate static?

Of course it isn't, but you certainly don't want it around your computers. Here are a few tips for protecting your investment in technology.


There are three basic ways to control static in your office: 1. You could add a room humidifier to moderate the humidity to higher levels. This is the most expensive option, but may have other (better breathing air) benefits. More humidity (but not lots) diminishes static naturally; 2. You can use a carpet spray - usually found at Staples or Office Max - that is "anti static" in each of your seating areas. That frequently helps and the spray should not discolor your rug in any way. Likewise, there are "anti static" Chair Mats you can get for under each seating area and even for walkways you travel down halls; 3. You can get an Antistatic wrist wrest and mouse pad; they are moderately effective at catching last minute static, too. Keep in mind that today's computer equipment is MUCH more rugged that in days past; the average little static zap is not as harmful as they used to be. That being said, a few simple precautions to lower static zap frequency might be all you need.


At 10:40 PM, Blogger Bruno Depré said...

ESD (electro static discharge) causes much more damage then wh are aware of.
People get sick
cars get on fire
airplanes crashes
houses burn down
carbreackes don't function
people die in the ok
computer systems fail
networkservers breack down

ESD causes billions of Euro's damage yearly.

Do you want to know about it, please take a visit at following websites:

kind regards

Bruno Depré


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