Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Good times at Coldwell Banker IBC 2006

We had a great time in San Francisco connecting with old friends and meeting new ones. The educational courses were light in most cases but a few stood out as excellent. We thank everyone who had positive comments about Network News and for those of you who requested to be signed up you will receive the next issue. As Network News has grown to numerous other companies we will be looking for ways to expand on our committment to bring you a news letter and blog with real value in a timely manner.

Click to see a photos from our Valentines dinner and cruise to Alcatraz with, Sheldon Johnston and Sara Maclennan Coldwell Banker Johnston real estate, Edmonton, Alberta aka the Network News crew.

Click here to see photos from the Canada day cruise eh!


At 2:18 PM, Blogger Mark from Your Team said...

Ok, I take back everything I've ever said bad about Air Canada. Not only was I flying on the wrong day, I was supposed to fly back on Monday, Feb 20, but I was trying to fly back on Sunday Feb 19, but I was trying to fly Executive Class on points to boot. As you know, you CANNOT make any changes to a flight booked on points. I'm here to tell you that with Air Canada, "you can get there from here" and they really "aren't happy until you are". Completely different from the Air Canada that we all know and hate. Not only did I get back to Calgary on the 19th instead of the 20th, but I flew Exdecutive Class all the way and even beat my business partner Dave home by an hour. You gotta love that.

One last thing, did you notice that every where you go in San Francisco is up hill? Even if you walked uphill to get there, it's still uphill on the way back. How do they do that?

All in all a great time, especially the time spent in Lefty's and the Hilton with great people. You know who you are.


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