Saturday, March 04, 2006

Coldwell Banker Canada update - Toronto broker meeting

The Toronto awards and broker meeting were held yesterday.

At this time there is no definite plan to have a Canadian conference. It's tenatively scheduled to have the Canadian conference tag along with the IBC in Las Vegas in 2007. What ever your opinion let them know. From our perspective it was a fantastic time in San Francisco but Sara and I had to work hard to make arrangements to spend time with our good friends, and there was little opportunity to network and make new friends. The educational sessions were average, a few of them stood out as outstanding. It is just very difficult to network with our Canadian friends at an event this large. Make no mistake IBC is an event to be taken in. Whatever you think, let the people at head office know or you'll get what you get if you know what I mean.

The broker meeting reviewed and discussed the benefits of advertising with GOOGLE.
Diane Boucher's office was used as a case study as Head office set up a beta test. I won't get into their results but I'll outline our experience so far. This is legitimate business that is the result of our online marketing:
  • almost 3 months
  • cost approx $900.
  • Over 300 leads captured
  • 4 deals closed
  • 3 referrals (2 from agents outside the Coldwell Banker, and 1 from the Coldwell Banker)
  • 2 listings taken
  • and some serious prospects in the pipeline
  • every lead is on a lead management contact program
Using Sara's technology experience and background in combination with my 17 years of experience has enabled us to construct a program that is not only cutting edge, but is practical to the real estate practioner and consumer. Contact Sara for assistance in setting up your program or office training today.

April will be Open House month with more details to come from your broker.

Great news. It was announced that in the next couple of weeks their will be a major announcement for a new large company joining the network. Rumour has it, its out west. yahoo! will be relaunched in mirror of it sister u.s. site The architecture will be significantly less than the dot com version as the U.S. spent millions doing their site, but the improvements will be very good.

Andrew Zsolt with Terequity announced a training initative that deals exclusively with getting listings. An excellent investment if you ask me. If you want to be successful in this business you have to be able to get inventory. contact Mary Scannell for more info

Last year's award winner for most memorable line was Pete Benninger of Peter
Benninger realty, for "you got dick" in a discussion about radio advertising and results.

This year is a tie between Pete Benninger with "You're living the dream" in his comments to address his approval to the head office for the change in awards with regards to teams and their new found empathy of broker issues. Hopefully more info will be forthcoming soon, but basically they will be splitting the top 10 and designation levels in to individual awards and team awards. A team is defined as any combination of licensed agents working together (ie if you have a licensed assistant you are considered a team).

The other memorable sound bite came from the GOOGLE ad executive in describing how search engine marketing works...."It's like advertising on crack."

After the meeting Sara and I had numerous conversations with people regarding how to properly set up a search engine marketing program in conjunction with some other critical elements for your search engine marketing to be successful.

Expect better, you deserve the best ;)


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