Friday, March 17, 2006

E mail marketing. Is it worth it?

As many of you know. Network news is a e newsletter dedicated to giving you something of value to improve your business. It is designed to be visually stimulating and profile interesting industry members. One of its background goals was to keep top of mind awareness for referrals for our company. Origionally constructed for Coldwell Banker agents in Canada we have subscribers from all over North America and from various different real estate companies.

Has this impacted our business. Certainly. We have reached our goals and well honestly exceeded them. One thing we didn't count on is the tremendous feedback we have received from brokers and agents alike. We thank everybody for their feedback and encouragement. Some of the responses have been truly amazing and definitely uplifting. So from our perspective e mail marketing does work. Below is a link to a survey that breaks down email marketing statistically.

One last comment though

  • you must add something of value to the reciepeint or you will likely be deleted.
  • you must respect their privacy
  • make it entertaining and if its not successful at least you'll have a laugh

A recent survey found that Canadian delivery rates were nearly 93%, open rates 55% and click-through rates over 8%.

By American standards, already not bad, that’s stellar. If the average click-through to purchase ratio is in Canada what it is in the US, someone is making a lot of money there via email marketing.

This is particularly interesting since the Canadians have long been wary of online shopping, according to many sources.

Fortunately, no one need move to Canada to take advantage of this phenomenon. (Though that wouldn’t be bad, Canada is a great country.) Developing a list of Canadian subscribers is no more difficult (and no easier) than any other. And the language and cultural barrier is even lower than for some other countries.

See… email marketing is alive and well. Some of it just moved.


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