Saturday, March 04, 2006

Great article on sales style

Ris media is a great place to get information on real estate. Second only to Network News (biased opinion of course). The following is a great article on sales style. Worth a read if you're new and trying to figure ut where you fit in.

By Brian Buffini

RISMEDIA, March 6 — Anyone working in sales knows how difficult it can be to connect with a client. Perhaps you find yourself frustrated by how long it takes for a decision to be made, or maybe you feel a particular client is trying to move things along too quickly. What you are in fact dealing with is your natural “Work Style.” One of the first things we provide to those who join our business Coaching program is an in-depth personality assessment called the Heritage Profile™.

Work Style is one of the areas we examine, and through our research we’ve discovered something interesting: most people fall into one of just two categories—Motivator or Facilitator.

Motivators are quick to share their opinions. Because they are focused on momentum, their natural ability is to encourage and lead. To effectively manage this gift, you must remember to ask lots of questions before attempting to lead your client so you don’t come across as being too pushy.



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