Sunday, March 26, 2006

Typical Marketing or wasted money

Typical real estate marketing is unimaginative. Pens, note pads and others. As a victim of this senseless marketing, I too can't believe what I have convinced myself is a good idea. I say victim because there are plenty of influences marketing us. Marketing companies, our own "approved suppliers" hunt us like seals in the spring time. The follow is an excerpt from a blog I read regularly that made me think its a good idea to get an outside opinion the next time I have an idea to revolutionize the real estate magnet industry. In fact at a recent board meeting, I was talking to an old pro, who recently won a contest at their office for the oldest magnet.

I actually remember seeing one of his magnets when I listed a property. Actually when I think about it just about every property I have ever listed has a magnet from somebody on the fridge. Lol...My own fridge has a collage of magnets that I've collected like trophies...So I guess I agree with Frank, spend your money on effective marketing. Article taken from the never cold call blog.

How can this work?

I just checked my mail and found a nice pad with a photo and telephone number for a local realtor on it. I like that realtors are typically more marketing-savvy than other types of salespeople, and know better than to waste time cold calling, but how can this possibly work?

Blindly mailing out pads with your name and number on them isn't effective, and I'm guessing it's also very expensive. If I'm looking for a realtor, I'll ask friends for referrals or search online. I would do so even with this realtor's pad sitting on my desk and his smiling face looking at me.

Remember, cold calling may be a waste of time, but ineffective interruption marketing is a waste of money. Salespeople need to stick with self-marketing that works, not a shotgun approach that is just as random as cold calling.


At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Jim Cronin said...

Some ideas of what to do to break from the shackles of traditional money wasting would be nice... I am just getting started with a real estate blog based out of Sacramento. I am RSS feeding your blog for some good content to link to - thanks


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