Thursday, April 06, 2006

Measuring your performance

At the end of the day what matters. To me customer and job satisfaction is key. How to make sense of it all really can be a challenge. Do I measure how many leads I get, phone calls, appointments, appointment times, calls of specific ads, expenses vs revenues and so on and so on. In the end there is a measurement for everything. You could measure your clients heart rate in relation to yours to correlate your prospective chances of getting the business.

In our business it is important at least in my mind it is to keep it simple stupid. Bet you've never heard that before. I will say this though that I do track things differently for my online lead generated business vs my conventionally driven business. Why you might ask. Call it instinct but really that's where Sara really takes things to a whole new level for me. Its not that tracking things is bad its how much energy do you devote to tracking vs doing. Hopefully you're more focused on the getting it done aspect. However when it comes to online leads there is just so much information at your finger tips by just clicking a mouse that it’s criminal not to consider that information for your continued marketing efforts.

Tracking my conventional business is much simpler. I do keep track of the number of appointments in relation to am I slacking this week or am I grooving. Even when you're grooving in a market like this your sales may not be up of they may be up significantly. Here's a stat for you. I have been involved in 13, yes count em, 13 multiple offer situations where my client has offered list price or better and they have not succeeded. Now eventually some people learn from their follies and decide not to get so sticky on their price in a market like this but if I was tracking number of offers written, I'd be having a phenomenal year. I guess my long winded point is, ‘what is your goal’. The measurements you make should reflect or measure your progress towards those goals.


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