Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Breaking up is hard to do

At least that is if you're the giant Cendant. Apparently there are meetings underway to determine how to break up. For more on this just visit this link for more information.


At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Pasha said...

Dear Sheldon,
I wrote that in a cold night when I was depressed, alone, ...
I haven't had any particular teacher. The only teacher was the society. I didn't said that Edmonton and/or Edmontonians are bad. Those are just what I've learned and I hate being like that.
I didn't seek for some cold people. Conversely, I was looking for people who just care for your own characteristics, not your nationality, religion,....
Here, I just find some people who care for their own feeling. I know, you cannot understand this, since you have not been in a same situation. I don't blame these people. I appreciate them since they are nice and friendly (this doesn't mean that they choose their friends among some people as me). Hopefully, these are just my problem and others don't feel like me. I also try to be positive instead of feeling like that night, Monday, February 13, 2006.

Anyhow, thank you for your comment. It proves that I was (am) wrong.


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