Thursday, September 01, 2005

Share Your Funny Stories and Win

Over the years we've heard a lot of funny things that have happened when out showing or listing properties:

  • showing a show home to a family...the kid disappears upstairs and no one thinks anything of it. Turns out he had to use the washroom and as it was a show home the plumbing was not hooked up. While pointing out the features of the kitchen...holy crap! Little nuggets started falling from the kitchen ceiling, almost hitting the agent and family in the process.
  • taking an agent caravan to the wrong home and not realizing the mistake until you find the owner of the home in bed and she has no idea why there are 20 real estate agents in her house!
  • unknowingly showing a grow house to an RCMP officer.
  • walking in on a couple having sex who don't miss a beat so you just continue with the showing.
  • walking in on a homeowner in the shower...

Share your funny story (click the "comments" link below) and the author of the best story will win a Mr. Housing Bubble t-shirt!


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