Sunday, November 13, 2005

Get to Know: Point2 Technologies Inc.

Once upon a time (1996 to be precise), two brothers made software that made reselling heavy equipment easier, faster, better, and more profitable by using the Internet’s full potential. This software attracted a lot of attention from major companies like Microsoft and Caterpillar, and built Point2 Technologies into a successful international company.

Five years later, Point2 realized that there was something else out there that needed help – something else that is big, expensive, complicated to sell, and difficult to move – real estate. Point2 realized that its software, that revolutionized the heavy equipment industry, could help Realtors® as well. Point2 Agent was born.

Point2 Agent gives Realtors® their own web marketing and advertising software package that includes a very cool website. Far more than just a web solution though, Point2 Agent is set to change how real estate is bought and sold online – very much for the better.

Point2 Agent is beginner-friendly – because it’s very easy to set up your website, but also because it’s free! The trial version of Point2 Agent doesn’t cost anything, and doesn’t expire, allowing members to upgrade to the pay version when their business growth requires it.

With the upgraded version of Point2 Agent, a heap of listing advertising is included. Through Agent Handshake™ you can set up your own private MLS for your brokerage, and all of your listings are automatically advertised on Point2 Homes. These options do not cost extra, and are not available anywhere else, from any other company.

You may know how well Point2 Agent sites do in search engines, but if you want to see for yourself just do a search for homes for sale in your area and take a note of how many of the top Realtor® sites are Point2 Agent sites. This alone is plenty of proof that big results don’t always take big bucks.

All of these advantages drive traffic to Point2 Agent sites, but in the end, as you know, better listings move homes faster. This is why brokers can set up their office on Point2 Agent, establish a brokerage MLS, and create incredible listings that include things like automatic listing brochures, Google™ Earth satellite mapping, audio attachments, and dozens of high-quality photos. Buyers are wowed by Point2 Agent listings, especially compared to the alternatives.

Point2 knows how to get inventory sold online, a fact to which its over 66,000 members can attest. In fact, Point2 is so confident about Point2 Agent, they’re willing to give it away free and help you establish a solid, profitable online presence without risking anything. Hard to argue against that.

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Coldwell Banker Johnston invites you to sign up for a free Point2 Agent site today.


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