Saturday, January 14, 2006 - Aiming to put Brokers out of the biz?

I found this article on the Business Week Online Blog called Hot Property. is the latest idea from Richard Barton, who founded and changed the way we travel. He spoke at the Inman News conference in New York City yesterday, and apparently let very little out about what would actually be. It is supposed to launch in the next 6 months, and Richard assures he is not out to "wipe out the jobs of real estate agents and brokers." There was very little information given about what would actually be, but he did say it is going to be an advertising vehicle for brokers and agents, and the users of the site will provide much of the information.

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If you aren't happy with the "zestimates" zillow gives check out

They integrate public data of Home Sale prices with google maps.

Also-if you don't see any data for your area you can email them your info and they will quickly post home data for your area and email you within a day or two. pretty convenient.


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