Thursday, December 01, 2005

Create Your Own Free Real Estate Website

Network News and Coldwell Banker Johnston Real Estate invite you to create your Point2Agent site today, for free.

Key reasons you might want to consider a Point2 Agent site:
  • Search Engine Optimization – a Point2 site allows you to optimize for the search engines like no other. It’s easy to see the results, just go to Yahoo, search for real estate in your area, click on the top sites and chances are they will be Point2 Sites (just look for the Powered by Point2 logo at the bottom of the homepage).
  • Statistics – tracking activity on your site is as important as getting people to visit your site; it tells you what parts of your site and which marketing efforts are working best. The Point2 system gives very detailed reports on the traffic coming to your site.
  • Customization – With Point2 you can customize everything, including uploading your own templates and customizing navigation buttons.
  • It’s free – you can create a complete site, for free, and have it for as long as you’d like. Then, once you’re ready you can upgrade your site and take advantage of all the features Point2 has to offer. Start building your free site now.


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