Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Coldwell Banker Centennial Society

Congratulations to Coldwell Banker Peter Benninger Realty for being named to the Centennial Society! This group of 75 companies is participating in the 100 homes by our 100th anniversary campaign, and Peter Benninger's company is the only Canadian company to be included, in fact, they're the only company outside of the US!!! The 75 companies will raise 5 million dollars by the end of the year to sponsor local Habitat for Humanity homes.In a recent interview Jim Gillespie, President of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation, said of the Centennial Society: "To raise this much money and help 114 families so far gain a home is astounding... They have made such a major commitment and spent hours and hours on fundraising projects, as well as the actual home build. This Centennial group is special to me and I'm certain the entire Coldwell Banker System as well."

Way to go!!!


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